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Hank for Senate

Who is Hank? Well folks, Hank is a cat, and Hank is running for Senate from the state of Virginia next fall. While Hank is not the first cat to run for public office he is one of the few to create  a counter cat fight, under the slogan “More Facts Less Fat Cats.”

Hank, a thick furred Maine Coon from down south, is running as a moderate  and prides himself on being “the voice of reason in a time of extremism!”
Okay, so we all know a cat is not going to be a Senator, but this viral spectacle has just the mockery of the current political status quo that I can get behind. Our current situation has become a joke, a never ending mad lib of political discourse. And, I appreciate that people have begun to speak out on this issue in the best form of protest, humor.
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