Happy People Buy Things

Laughing releases endorphins, endorphins make you happy and happy people buy things.

I got up early today with the intention of accomplishing things. I always convince myself when I go to bed that I will get up early and do things because I AM A GODDAMN ADULT! But, then my alarm goes off, and failing college seems like less of a calamity than the frost bite I have convinced myself I will receive upon leaving the cozy covers. However, thanks to the wonderful spring weather (brought to you in part by ExxonMobil!) I was able to lug my carcass out of bed  by the time that 6:30 “Noir” alarm tone sounded. It turns out the cliche suspenseful film de noir sounds are not as “neat” to wake up to as I would have hoped, but it does seem quite effective! The roommates could ask for no better wake up call than my startled, phlegmy screams. Anyways, as I waited for the coffee to brew I thought I would start my morning out with a little stand up from good ol’ Maria Bam Bam (Bamford). Four YouTube recommendations later, I was watching the entire past two years of her “Crazy Target Lady” commercials. So I would like to take a minute to commend Target on their BRILLIANT advertising campaign. Not only did I watch, but actively sought out hours of Target advertising. I basically watched a full length movie worth of Target Commercials. Talk about effective, all current and prospective cult leaders and dictators should really take note. I have so may positive associations perkelating through my brain right now I can actually feel them.

Lindsey is tired, cold, and sad. Maria Bamford makes Lindsey laugh. Laughing Lindsey is happy. Maria Bamford is in Target commercial. Lindsey laughs and is happy while watching Target commercial. Target = Happy.

GENUIS. This one may be my favorite.

Because I had obviously already not accomplished anything I got up early to accomplished I decided to see what other positive product associations my favorite comedians could create for me. And, oh boy, has the gang been busy. Jim Gaffigan, Patton Oswalt, and Jane Lynch have all jumped into the scene.

As someone looking for a future in the advertising and strategic communications industry I want to be involved in creating this kind of marketing. While I am proof it is effective, I also believe it to be culturally benifical. This advertising has content and cultural relevancy beyond the marketing message. Despite the arguably positive or negative impact on future consumption I would say the content of the advertisement itself allows the consumer to take away something positive. These ads are not spent slandering competition, skewing statistics, or conveying blatantly false messages. Their main goal is to create a positive association and emotional branding between the consumer and the company.

Here are a few of my other favorite ads:

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One thought on “Happy People Buy Things

  1. Mimi Perreault says:

    Some of these are really funny. Good luck with your adventure into strat com. You have a wonderful eye for photo composition and creativity . Keep up the good work and don’t buy too many things : )

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